Sunday, May 1, 2011

Darn Blizzard!!

I know it's Saskatchewan and we have to expect that the weather will be a little wacky but really, after the winter we have had, another blizzard on April 30th!!! The worst one of the year too. Because of this blizzard, I was unable to attend the Carnduff Craft Show that I had been preparing for. Oh well, now I have plenty of product to start the Farmer's Market and for the Trade Show on the 14th. Here are some of the cards I had made:

I also wanted to share with you a really cute card that I just had to CASE:

This card was originally done by Lynn at LW Designs. Check out her blog at: I changed mine up just a little, less rhinestones (which is totally unlike me) but I added crystal effects to the toppings of the cakes to give them some shine and dimension.

I'm waiting to get my Fun Flowers die so that I can work on some bookmarks. I will post pictures of them once I get some done.

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